Jason Rector, DMD

I really enjoy working with children of all ages.

It’s rewarding to get to know each child and be part of their life as they grow. I like seeing their interests evolve as they explore new ideas and develop new passions. Learning what a kid loves to do, whether that’s sports, dance, academics, cheerleading, or playing video games, is fun!

It’s also important, because if I can get them talking about something that excites them, it is easier for me to communicate with them. Not only do I have greater insight into how they think and what’s important to them, but they know I am listening and care.

As a father with two young sons, I know how to connect with kids. I also understand a parent’s concerns. I spend a lot of time talking with parents, wanting to understand their expectations and apprehensions, and seeking to establish trusting, open communication.

As a pediatric dentist, one of the most gratifying experiences is having a patient or parent who arrived feeling reluctant about dental care leave the office with a smile on their face!

Education and Professional Memberships

Pediatric dentistry, like all areas of healthcare, is a constantly advancing specialty. I participate in pediatric-centered continuing education (CE) in order to stay current on the latest changes.

I am a member of the:

These organizations offer conferences, seminars, lectures, webinars, and journals, all centered on new developments in oral healthcare.

Constant learning allows me to offer patients the latest in materials, procedures, and technology. I am committed to staying well-informed of any new options that improve patient care and results: my patients deserve only the best!

Beyond the Office and in the Community

My family is the center of my life. Ashley, my wife, is a teacher at Ocean Springs High School. We have two young boys, Jacob who is 9 and Wesley who is 6. Our family is always on the go, as both boys play football, baseball, basketball, and soccer – and I coach their teams, too. We keep on our toes at home, too, thanks to our young Labrador, Finn!

In my free time, you’ll usually find me at a ball field, somewhere, coaching my boys and their friends. When not at the ball fields, you’ll find us in the boat, fishing or enjoying the barrier islands. We love attending LSU and New Orleans Saints football games, too.

I grew up in Ocean Springs and have spent my life here: this community means the world to me. I serve on the Ocean Springs Baseball Organization Board of Directors, MS Big Game Fishing Club Board of Directors, and I helped bring NFL flag football to Ocean Spring and Jackson County.

For over 15 years I have practiced pediatric dentistry along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In that time, I have cared for every child in my chair like family: gently, kindly, and patiently, always attentive to their comfort and wellbeing.

I will do the same for your young loved ones.